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  • 30th August 2017
    Article for Sutton Coldfield Observer
    Andrew Mitchell and Scarlet contend for coveted Westminster Dog of the Year title

    Pope Francis recently expressed concern that couples are substituting pets for children and in a recent article a journalist argued that splitting up with her boyfriend was nothing like so painful as getting used to the ‘shared custody’ of their beloved hound.  read more »

  • 16th August 2017
    News and Photo
    Walking through Time: Andrew and Sharon Mitchell with other keen walkers on the trail

    The Royal Town’s MP, Andrew Mitchell, has launched a series of six archaeological walks called ‘Walking Through Time’, on behalf of the Sutton Coldfield Civic Society & the Friends of Sutton Park.  read more »

  • 15th August 2017
    News and Photo
    Andrew Mitchell MP and Councillor Ewan Mackey with staff at Falcon Lodge community centre

    The Royal Town’s MP Andrew Mitchell and Councillor Ewan Mackey have visited the newly renovated Falcon Lodge community centre which has now re-opened.  read more »

  • 14th August 2017
    News and Photo
    Mr Mitchell with County and Branch beekeepers who have over 220 years beekeeping experience between them

    Andrew Mitchell joined local beekeepers from the Sutton Coldfield and North Birmingham Branch of the Warwickshire Beekeepers Association at their annual Bar-Bee-Q, at the teaching apiary in Sutton Park.  read more »

  • 9th August 2017
    Article for Sutton Coldfield Observer
    Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP 2012

    Good wishes from Rwanda where I am currently on the Conservative Party Social Action Project - Project Umubano. I am accompanied by 80 conservatives from all across the Party including Councillor Alex Yip and Councillor Andrew Hardie from the Royal Town.  read more »

  • 4th August 2017
    Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP at his desk

    A new report by the British Infrastructure group of MPs, of which Andrew Mitchell is a cofounder and support, has found as many as 8460 of Royal Sutton Coldfield constituents should be compensated at least £25 for receiving broadband speeds of less than 10 megabits – the proposed minimum download speed.  read more »

  • 19th July 2017
    Article for Sutton Coldfield Observer
    Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP 2011

    In my final column of this Parliament I am pleased to report on the Government’s latest commitment to increasing both the quality and equality within our schooling system.  read more »

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