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White Helmets Nobel Peace Prize nomination

Andrew Mitchell MP & global Parliamentarians nominate White Helmets Nobel Peace Prize in memory of Jo Cox.

“Through the five years of hell of the Syrian conflict, it can be hard to find points of light and hope. Yet in the face of death, destruction and unspeakable horror, the women and men of the Syria Civil Defence, known as the White Helmets, teach us the meaning of true heroism.

As this heroism is celebrated in the release of a powerful film, today also marks three months since we mourned the horrific loss of our colleague Jo Cox MP, a friend and tireless champion of the White Helmets. Then, we pledged to uphold her legacy. There could be no better way to remember her today than to continue her work to celebrate and champion these selfless heroes by adding our voices to support her nomination of them for the Nobel Peace Prize.

This nomination offers a reminder to the world of the extraordinary work of everyday Syrians to bring peace to their country, and an important symbol of hope for an end to this devastating war.”

For further information on the White Helmets Nobel Peace Prize nomination, please visit https://nobelpeaceprize.whitehelmets.org/en

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