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Vodafone promises our MP universal 4G coverage in Royal Town by 2020

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with Vodafone to discuss the growth of the digital economy in Sutton Coldfield. During the meeting, Vodafone’s expansion plans for 4g coverage in Sutton Coldfield were made clear and it is expected that the Royal Town will have near-universal 4G coverage by 2020.

Digital technology and digital infrastructure investment has been the latest drive by the Government to push economic growth across the UK which has been shown to lead to increased productivity and act as a catalyst for job creation.

In Vodafone’s recently published report - Digital Super Towns: Unlocking the UK's Digital Potential – it ranked different towns and cities by their performance on indicators of digital economy, skills and infrastructure. Sutton Coldfield was ranked in the highest category for both digital skills and the local economy which indicates very high digital potential for Sutton Coldfield.

Following the meeting, Mr Mitchell said: “I have never underestimated the benefits of embracing technology. This report has shown that Sutton Coldfield is well prepared for the digital age as we have ranked exceptionally highly in terms of labour productivity, digital business growth and strong Maths and English GCSEs.

“We know from studies that a failure to keep pace with the digital world acts as a drag on the economy. That is why the Government is investing £1.1bn in digital infrastructure to support the next generation of fast and reliable mobile and broadband communications for consumers and businesses.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP and Chris Parkinson, Government Affairs Manager.

Andrew Mitchell MP and Chris Parkinson, Government Affairs Manager at Vodafone

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