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Sutton’s MP supports Drinkaware Campaign at Royal Town’s ASDA Supercentre

Andrew Mitchell visited ASDA Minworth Supercentre following their successful day to support the UK’s leading alcohol education charity Drinkaware.

Asda and Drinkaware are working together on an exciting new project to bring information and advice to shoppers in their stores at the heart of the community.

In January Asda invited Drinkaware Ambassadors into their stores across the county to help customers in order to help them make better choices about their alcohol consumption by encouraging people to understand the health benefits of drinking only in moderation.

The Ambassadors offered in-store alcohol assessments using scratch cards, and offered materials to take home including a unit measure cup and calorie wheel to help them understand what they were drinking better. Information was also provided about the risks of underage drinking, and tips on how to educate children about the dangers posed by alcohol.

Sutton’s MP, Andrew Mitchell, met with staff including the Store Manager, Shaun Wills, to discuss the success of the campaign and the store’s plan to host another event later this year.

He was then given a tour of the superstore and sampled various products on offer. He talked to staff about their experiences working in the store, and the benefits Asda brought to his constituents in the Royal Town.

Andrew Mitchell said “Drinkaware is an excellent initiative to encourage us all to think more about our alcohol habits and the impact it has on our lives. I would like to thank Asda Minworth for supporting Drinkaware in this way”.

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