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Sutton’s MP praises success of Apprenticeship schemes in reversing fortunes of West Midlands economy

Speaking in the Commons during a Westminster Hall debate on the Midlands Engine, the Royal Town’s MP highlighted the crucial role that apprenticeship schemes have played in Sutton Coldfield and across the whole of the West Midlands to turn around the regional economy.

The number of apprenticeship schemes in Sutton Coldfield has risen by 25% since 2010 – a positive indication of the success of the policy, especially in the context of the wider West Midlands economy. The economic policies put in place since 2010 have succeeded in transforming the West Midlands from the worst performing region in terms of employment to the vibrant and expanding regional economy that it is today, with an increase in employment of 257,000 since 2010.

As well as the employment rate continuing to run at a record high in the UK, with the unemployment rate running at an 11 year low, wages are also rising strongly.

Andrew Mitchell said “As the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield’s MP it has been good to see the regeneration of the West Midlands, and the transformation of Birmingham into the creative hub that it has become. Apprenticeships have been hugely successful both in my constituency and in the wider region in getting our young people into work and giving our economy a kick start”.

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