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Scarlet Mitchell launches bid for Westminster Dog of the Year 2018 from Royal Sutton Coldfield

Scarlet Mitchell the Welsh Springer Spaniel belonging to Andrew Mitchell, the Royal Town’s MP, has launched her bid to be the “Westminster Dog of the Year” champion 2018.

Scarlet Mitchell launched her bid from Royal Sutton Coldfield Park where she first came to the Royal Sutton Coldfield Observer’s attention when she rescued a dog who was lost and had strayed 2 miles from her owner. Scarlet was out walking at the time with Jessica Spencer who runs the Town’s much-loved pet walking service ‘Little Paws Pets’.

Jessica said:
“I remember Scarlet’s pivotal role in re-uniting the lost dog with his owner. I would like to wish her great success in the Westminster Dog of the Year. She would be a most deserving winner”.
Scarlet Mitchell said:

“I am entering this competition to stand up for dogs throughout the Royal Town as well as throughout the UK. I am campaigning against cruelty to all animals, more walkies, and the right to lie on the sofa. I am opposed to excessive puppy farming and would like to see all puppies born into a happy, welcoming home with squeaky toys. We must unite to ensure fair access to treats for all.
I want to see more dogs given access to the high-quality natural dog food of the type sold and marketed from Sutton Coldfield called Devoted Grain Free, whose shop I opened in the Royal Town in 2015.”

Scarlet is supported by the journalist and broadcaster Edward Stourton, author of a Diary of a Dog Walker, who said today:

“Her character is as sparkling as her beauty: in the event of her claiming the title I think it most unlikely that anything dubious requiring reference to the parliamentary commissioner on standards would come to light, so she is, in these troubled times, a safe as well as a deserving candidate.”

Votes are now open and Scarlet very much hopes that the Royal Town will get behind her bid and vote for her online at: https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/events/westminster-dog-of-the-year/.

Scarlet Mitchell launches bid for Westminster Dog of the Year 2018 from Royal Sutton Coldfield

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