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Royal Town’s MP raises Maney Hill Road Adolescents Home with Birmingham City Council Chief Executive

Andrew Mitchell has made forceful representations to the Interim Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council about the unacceptable experiences of people living on Maney Hill Road as a result of anti-social behaviour perpetrated by residents of the Children’s Care Home placed there by Birmingham City Council.

Andrew Mitchell said “following vigorous representations from local Councillors, Alex Yip, Andrew Hardie & Lyn Collin on this matter I have made representations direct to the Interim Chief Executive of the City Council about the completely unacceptable experience of my constituents and the way in which they have been treated.”

The Chief Executive has now given a full report to Andrew Mitchell which makes clear that the individual responsible for a significant amount of the trouble which caused concern to residents has now been moved from the home and that the Police have received zero calls over the last month about anti-social behaviour emanating from the home.

Further there have been no incidents involving direct contact with the neighbours during the same period, which was the main cause of the complaints previously.

Andrew Mitchell said he has been advised that Meadows Care have a responsibility to maintain ongoing community relations and dialogue with neighbours and other agencies in the locality.

In addition to the recent and planned meetings Meadows Care are also providing monthly newsletters to local residents; they have reviewed staffing levels, brought in capacity from other homes where needed and undertaken training to improve skills levels of all staff. They have also increased the levels of constructive activity young people are engaged with.

Andrew said “I have been told by the Birmingham City Council Chief Executive that the home is currently fully occupied, and I am told that all 4 current residents are very settled and responding well to their placements. We are however not complacent about this and are continuing to monitor the situation. We intend to keep discussions ongoing with the Police, local residents, councillors and Meadows Care.”

Andrew added “I continue to have serious reservations about the wisdom of placing such a facility in this location. However, it does seem that the situation has been better managed in the last few couple of months and I have received a commitment from the Police and Birmingham City Council that they will keep this matter under close review. I am most grateful to local Councillors for their hard work in seeking to protect the right to a peaceful life for my constituents.”

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