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New Year Message 2018

May I wish all my constituents in the Royal Town a peaceful, healthy and happy 2018.

2018 must be a year of delivery both locally, nationally and internationally.

Locally I hope we will see further progress on the appetite and ambition of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council for running more of our local affairs. Under the Conservative light touch the Town Council has rightly focused on improving life for all who live in Royal Sutton Coldfield without allowing Party politics to get in the way of progress.

I hope 2018 will see the environment in Sutton Coldfield prioritised and good progress on the future of our Royal Town Hall. We must also ensure that the massive Langley house building development adversely impacts the Royal Town as little as possible.

Nationally the Government must negotiate a successful Brexit but also address serious issues of inter-generational inequality. We must continue to run the economy in such a way that we encourage entrepreneurs and small businesses who deliver the growing tax revenues which support our great public services.

Internationally Britain must show what global Britain post-EU really means. Britain has been a beacon of light to those caught up in natural disasters and man-made catastrophes in the past and that must continue – something which many in our Royal Town feel strongly about.

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