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Lenten Lecture

Andrew Mitchell has delivered his annual Lenten Lecture at the Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church to an audience drawn from across the Royal Town. This year’s Lecture was chaired by Reverend David Walton from the Sutton Coldfield United Reform Church.

This year’s topic was “How Can Government and Churches Overcome the Current Sense of Polarisation, Fear and Division in the UK – Particularly over Brexit, Race & Religion”.

Delivering this year’s Lecture Andrew Mitchell said:
“It is undoubtedly true that communities across Britain and indeed families, have been sharply divided over Brexit and it is now the Government’s task not only to do the best possible deal for Britain’s future outside the EU but also to bring together our communities on this very divisive issue.”

Andrew also spoke about the inter-generational divide which is particularly marked on Brexit but also affects a range of issues where young people feel aggrieved.

Andrew Mitchell praised the extraordinary work of the Churches and Faith Groups both throughout the Royal Town and Birmingham for the very successful work that has been undertaken to create both racial and religious harmony in our local area.

He said:
“The successful work led by the Bishop of Birmingham and members of all the major Faith Groups in Birmingham is inspiring and highly effective. Great credit is due to the leaders of these groups who have done so much with such good effect throughout our local area.”

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