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Google confirms Royal title in victory for Sutton Coldfield

Internet Goliath Google has finally agreed to use Sutton Coldfield’s Royal Title on all Google Map products throughout the world in a victory for the Royal Town.

Andrew Mitchell MP, working closely with Royal Suttonian Nick Corbett, locked horns with Google over their decision not to include the Royal prefix on Google Maps despite the UK Government’s confirmation in 2014 that Sutton Coldfield is correctly named the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield.

Andrew Mitchell MP wrote to the President of Google expressing concern, but initially received a response explaining that Google’s policy was to use the “most recognised name per language.”

“Wikipedia verifies that the place is colloquially known as Sutton Coldfield...since this meets our policy I'm afraid that we won't be able to return the Royal prefix to the name on Google Maps.”

In response, Mr Mitchell wrote back:
“Google Maps omits the Royal Town pre-fix for Sutton Coldfield, even though it includes it for Royal Leamington Spa, Royal Tunbridge Wells, and Royal Wootton Bassett…I also confirm that many businesses, civic, and community organisations make use of the Royal Town prefix, for example, our town council is called Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council, our local newspaper is called the Royal Sutton Coldfield Observer, our local athletics Club is the Royal Sutton Coldfield Athletics Club, we have a Royal Sutton Coldfield Orchestra, a Royal Sutton Cycling Club, the Great Midlands Fun Run is advertised as being in Royal Sutton Coldfield and the Sutton Coldfield Arts and Recreational Trust (SCART) is about to renamed the Royal SCART etc. etc.; this is all testimony to the fact that the Royal Town name is cherished and well-used.”

Google finally caved and in a final response Google said:
“Thank you [sic] raising the concern around the name of the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield appearing on Google Maps. I'm pleased to report that we have worked with our product teams to fix this issue and I have attached a screenshot. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.”
Following the announcement, Andrew said:

“In 2014 the Government ruled that Sutton Coldfield has been a Royal Town since the Royal Charter of 1528 and in the words of Henry VIII, it will be so “forever”. I am pleased that Google, almost four years later, has irrevocably recognised this.

“This is a key moment for our Royal Town in the digital age. A great many thanks to Nick Corbett and many others in the local community who joined the fight to achieve this on behalf of our Royal Town.”

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