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Congregation hears Andrew’s views on Mental Health Issues at Annual Lent Lecture

Andrew Mitchell has delivered the annual Sutton Coldfield Churches Together Lent Lecture to a large congregation at the Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church to mark the start of Lent.

He spoke about “Mental Health: The Right Approach” - an issue that he has helped spearhead a national campaign for better services for, alongside Norman Lamb (Liberal) and Alastair Campbell (Labour).

He highlighted the commitments that the Government has made towards increasing support for mental health services, as well as the work being done by private organisations, charities and individuals – on whom the burden of care for those with mental health issues often falls very heavily. He outlined what he felt needed to be done to support both those who suffer from these problems, and those who care for them.

He drew on his experience in Sutton, where completely unacceptable cuts were made to mental health services by the local authority on the basis that Sutton is an affluent area, and the fact that this decision completely misunderstood the nature of mental ill health and the way in which it affects anyone, anywhere and at any time regardless of their circumstances. He has long been a champion for adequate mental health provision in the Royal Town, and welcomed the steps that were now being taken to rectify the lack of adequate care.

Andrew said “It is an honour to be invited to give this lecture and I hope that my comments were both interesting and informative. This is an issue that is very close to many peoples’ hearts, and I hope that during the Lent period my words will encourage people to think about what they can do to support those with mental health issues in the community and closer to home”.

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