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Andrew Mitchell warns Birmingham City Council to consult meaningfully with the Royal Town on Developments at Langley & Peddimore

The Royal Town’s MP, Andrew Mitchell, has met with Birmingham City Council’s Development Planning Manager, to discuss further the Langley & Peddimore development proposals now that the Supplementary Planning documents are being drafted.

Over recent months, the City Council has been undertaking early engagement with key stakeholders to make sure that they have input into the draft Supplementary Planning Documents. This included discussions with City Councillors, Sutton Coldfield Town Council, and representatives from key community groups such as Project Fields, Walmley Residents Association, Minworth Residents Association, St Johns Church, Holy Cross & St Francis and Friends of Jones’ Wood.

Following the meeting Andrew said “I understand that a Consultation will start shortly and run for 6 weeks. I am assured that the Consultation is a genuine attempt to take on board local views. The Council has specifically cited the height of buildings and the material to be used in their construction as evidence of this.

“I am also assured that Birmingham City Council is consulting local Councillors, Town Councillors and representatives from key community groups. I urged Mr Rowbottom to ensure that this was a proper Consultation which listened carefully to local opinion rather than a selling exercise to inform local people of what they are getting. I have sought assurance about the adequacy of Section 106 arrangements and that new traffic and transport arrangements will serve local people rather than vice versa. I have also said that we will require specific assurances on community infrastructure.”

“Particularly in relation to Peddimore, I emphasised that we do not want a collection of sheds but a strategic approach which recognises the strategic positon that Peddimore should occupy. While I understand that 40 hectares of this 71 hectare site are reserved for high tech I am concerned that we should not have piecemeal development growing like topsy.”

“Sutton Coldfield’s lead on this issue are Councillor Ken Wood for Langley and Councillor David Barrie for Peddimore in their capacity as Co-Chairs of the Consultative Forum between the City Council, key community groups and Town Council representatives. I would like to assure all my constituents that we will be working in the best interests of the local community to ensure that Sutton Coldfield has significant input and control of these developments.”

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