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Andrew Mitchell opens Royal Town’s Orchid Society Show

The Royal Town’s MP, Andrew Mitchell, was invited to open the Birmingham and Midland Orchid Society’s Annual Show by their Chairman, Robert Grove, in the centre of Sutton Coldfield.

A wide range of orchids was exhibited, ranging from the now common Phalaenopsis hybrids to the rarer miniature species, which meant that there was something of interest for everyone.

Robert Grove said “Our Society was formed over 50 years ago and has exhibited at many local shows throughout our area”.

Also displaying at the show were the Central, Solihull, Hinckley, and District Orchid Societies, and trade nurseries from Bristol (Burnham Nurseries) and Devon (Orchid Botanics).

Mr Mitchell said “It is lovely to see such an exquisite display of exotic flowers, particularly grown in our cooler climate. These enthusiastic amateurs are to be congratulated on their success in growing such wonderful specimens.”

The Birmingham and Midland Orchid Society meets every second Saturday in the month (other than August) and will hold their next show on the 13th of October, 2018.

For further information, please visit http://www.bmos.info/

Photo: Dr. Reena Paliwal (committee), Mr. Robert Grove (chairman), Mrs. Pam Grove (secretary), Mr. Andrew Mitchell, MP.

Andrew Mitchell opens the Birmingham and Midland Orchid Society’s Annual Show

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