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Andrew Mitchell MP visits Holland House School to support the “OutRight” campaign for children internationally

The Royal Town’s MP, along with Cllr. Margaret Waddington MBE, has visited Holland House School’s Year 2 class to learn more about their ‘OutRight’ Campaign in collaboration with the charity UNICEF which aims raise awareness of children’s rights as set out by the UN Convention on the Rights of Children and the wider rights of refugee children.

As part of the OutRight campaign, the children had learnt about the impact that the refugee crisis has on children’s rights and subsequently wrote letters expressing their concerns to Andrew Mitchell. Andrew Mitchell was so impressed at the level of maturity and kindness showed by the pupils that he asked to visit Holland House to discuss the issue further.

Andrew Mitchell enjoyed an energetic discussion with the class about the rights of child refugees, with every pupil taking part by asking their MP a question. They talked about a number of important topics, including the rights of child refugees and the role the British Government played in alleviating the recent refugee crisis.

The Q&A session then moved on to the role that Mr Mitchell plays as Sutton’s MP which included questions about how laws are passed and how many constituents are represented by each MP. Mr Mitchell then asked the pupils what the most important right was with the overwhelming response being: “the right to play!” (article 31 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.)

Following the meeting, Mr Mitchell said: “School children are always my toughest audience and I was impressed with the range of questions the pupils had come up with – their concerns for child refugees are heart-warming and I was pleased to be able to report back that the UK has contributed significantly to hosting, supporting and protecting the most vulnerable children affected by the migration crisis”.

“Under the UK’s family reunion policy Britain has granted over 24,000 family reunions in the last five years”.

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP talking to Year 2 pupils from Holland House Infant School.

Andrew Mitchell MP talking to Year 2 pupils from Holland House Infant School

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