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Andrew Mitchell MP raises concern over proposed closure of police station with Police & Crime Commissioner

Andrew Mitchell MP has, alongside five other Conservative West Midlands MPs, written to the Police and Crime Commissioner, raising “grave concern” at the proposals to close down Police Stations across the West Midlands - Sutton Coldfield’s own Police Station is being threatened with closure.

Sharing the letter with the Sutton Observer, Mr Mitchell said:
“This proposal is yet another example of a Labour led administration overruling the wishes of the local people. I have now raised this matter directly with the Labour Police & Crime Commissioner and hope he will reconsider the decision in light of the vociferous opposition from local communities.”

In the letter, Mr Mitchell also criticised the “consultation” which failed to provide contact details for the public to input their views and concerns.

“For reasons which are painfully obvious, the Commissioner should drop these half-baked proposals and find a sensible way to find greater efficiency savings. Indeed, the Police themselves last year found reason to downgrade the force’s overall efficiency rating.

“I look forward to the response from the Commissioner justifying these ludicrous proposals and urge my constituents to sign the following petition: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/saveourpolicestation.”

The letter comes as it was revealed that West Midlands Police reserves had increased by £27 million since 2011. The West Midlands Police is also set to receive an increase in funding of £9.5 million from local taxpayers, as well as benefit from the Government’s Police Transformation Fund at £175 million.

| Letter from Andrew Mitchell MP to WM Police & Crime Commissioner

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