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Andrew Mitchell MP meets with Langley consortium to discuss the major house building development proposals

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with the Langley Consortium for frank discussions about their proposals for 6,000 homes to be built in Langley.

During the meeting, Mr Mitchell made it clear that the local Conservative group in Royal Sutton Coldfield would be seeking to minimise the problems and maximise the benefit to existing local residents as well as ensuring high quality new sustainable facilities for incoming residents.

Mr Mitchell has told the consortium that they should engage with his constituents in a constructive and user-friendly way. One suggestion taken on-board was for the consortium to host consultation events at various landmarks throughout Sutton Coldfield asking for feedback on their proposals and to be at hand to address any concerns local residents might have.

Following the meeting: Mr Mitchell said: “I have come out of this meeting slightly more optimistic knowing that the development proposals will build on those established at Harvest Fields which was a successful development. I have also been put at ease to some extent to know that the Gilmour and Owen families have the largest stakes in the development – both of whom have a track record of putting our local community first.

“I have received cast-iron assurances from the consortium that money will not run out for investment in key infrastructure projects such as for new schools and health facilities as well as traffic/transport arrangements which I know to be a worrying issue for many of my constituents.

“I would like to assure my constituents that we will be working in the best interests of the local community to ensure that Sutton Coldfield has significant input and control of these developments.”

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