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Andrew Mitchell MP launches 2018 annual report

Andrew Mitchell MP has launched his annual (2018) report back to his constituents which is being distributed throughout the Royal Town this week.

Speaking in Sutton Coldfield’s historic Town Hall, Andrew Mitchell commended Sutton’s Town Councillors on the excellent progress being made in delivering for Sutton Coldfield. Andrew added:

“I also hope to see Sutton’s Town Council, which is the largest in the country, increasingly take over those activities which our local Town Council is best placed to deliver.”

The AGM also saw the elections take place for the Officers of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association:

Cllr Ewan Mackey retires as Chairman and has been elected as President of the Conservative Association. Cllr Mackey’s place as Chairman is taken by Christopher Ives, a Town Councillor who is stepping down this May from the Town Council - he lives and works as a businessman in Sutton Coldfield.

The two Deputy Chairman of the association elected are Dr Nitish Raut and Jane Mosson. Peter Fowler was re-elected as Honorary Treasurer. Margaret Waddington who this May stands down as a Sutton Trinity Birmingham City Councillor has been elected to the position of Constituency Officer and Mrs Kay Noone has been elected as the Chairman of the Conservative Constituency Women’s Committee.

Click here to download Annual Report

| Click here to download Annual Report

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