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Andrew Mitchell MP congratulates young Suttonian elected to Youth Parliament

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with Royal Town student, Claudia Rea, to congratulate her upon being elected to the Youth Parliament for a term of two years. During the election campaign, Claudia – who attends Bishop Vesey's Grammar School – was required to take part in hustings as well as publish a full manifesto. Competing with dozens of other able and ambitious students, Claudia has been elected to the Youth Parliament at the age of just 12 and is the youngest regional Member of the Youth Parliament.

This is the second Sutton-based Youth Parliamentarian to have been congratulated by Mr Mitchell this year. Saoirse Martin-Canning, of Fairfax is aged 14 and is campaigning for Driver’s Education and the Highway Code to feature on the national curriculum.

Claudia, on the other hand, is campaigning for free gym membership to be provided to teenagers, particularly to those from an underprivileged background as statistics show they are disproportionately more likely to be obese.

The UK Youth Parliament provides opportunities for 11-18 year olds to use their elected voice to bring about social change through meaningful representation and campaigning. As part of her 2 year term, Claudia will visit the House of Commons twice, as young people take part in full sessions of the Youth Parliament within the chamber itself.

Following the meeting, Mr Mitchell said:
“The Youth Parliament gives young people in the UK a voice on the issues that matter to them. Indeed, Claudia has picked an important issue to campaign on - with nearly a third of children aged two to fifteen overweight or obese.

“The Government has a far-reaching plan to curb childhood obesity, which urges industry to cut the amount of sugar in food and drinks while investing millions of pounds into school sport. This strategy is projected to reduce childhood obesity rates by around a fifth over the next ten years and Claudia’s proposal may well help achieve this.

“I know I speak on behalf of the Royal Town when I wish Claudia all the very best and look forward to seeing all that she will accomplish in these two years.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP alongside Youth Parliamentarian, Claudia Rea.

Andrew Mitchell MP alongside Youth Parliamentarian, Claudia Rea.

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