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Andrew Mitchell MP chairs meeting between town centre businesses and Sutton Coldfield police

Andrew Mitchell MP has chaired a meeting between the Sutton Coldfield’s Town Centre business managers and the head of the police, Jane Bailey. Councillor for Roughley, Ewan Mackey, was also in attendance.

The meeting was held following a rise in shoplifting and accosting (aggressive begging) at the Town Centre. In one case, a security guard had to restrain a shoplifter for over four hours before a police office attended the scene, the business community has also voiced concerns that a lack of guidelines from the Police Force has led to a lower threshold from the business community of what warrants police attention.

Another concern was the relatively low level of police presence at the Town Centre at night which has seen a rise anti-social behaviour. A possible solution was for the Gracechurch Centre to contract people services to monitor CCTV at night which would lead to more responsive and joined up approach from the Police.

Following the meeting, Andrew said:

“This meeting was a helpful forum for frank discussions on how local policing can improve. I know that Chief Superintendent Jane Bailey takes these business concerns seriously and I am pleased that guidance will be issued to our local businesses so that there is clarity as to what to do in the event of any crime.

“As ever, I am extremely grateful to our police in Royal Sutton Coldfield for the work they do to keep Sutton and my constituents safe.”

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