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Articles by Andrew Mitchell MP

  • 29th September 2010
    Article for Sutton Coldfield Observer

    This week Ed Miliband was elected leader of the Labour Party. Firstly let me convey my congratulations to him.  read more »

  • 18th August 2010
    Article for Sutton Coldfield Observer

    I am writing this column having just returned from 6 days voluntary work in Rwanda and Sierra Leone where I joined 75 Conservative MPs, Parliamentary Candidates, Councillors, young Conservatives and Party staff on Project Umubano.  read more »

  • 7th July 2010
    Article for Sutton Coldfield Observer

    The biggest challenge our country faces is dealing with the record debts left to us after more than a decade of Labour's irresponsibility.  read more »

  • 23rd June 2010

    I am most grateful for the views expressed throughout Sutton Coldfield about the Budget and wanted to write to you personally about the Government’s decisions and the reasons behind them.  read more »

  • 16th June 2010
    Article for Sutton Coldfield Observer

    Many in Sutton will be delighted with last week’s announcement that the Government will now introduce legislation to help councils and local communities stop unwanted development and ‘garden grabbing’. This has been a crucial issue in Sutton for all the years I have been the town’s MP.  read more »

  • 26th May 2010
    Article for Sutton Coldfield Observer
    Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP

    This week saw all the pomp and ceremony of the State Opening of Parliament and the Queen’s Speech. For me, it was an event that marked not only the start of a new Parliament but a clean break from the past and a fresh start for our country.  read more »

  • 17th March 2010
    Article for Sutton Coldfield Observer

    After such an overwhelming response to the Residents Survey that I recently sent out it is clear that people in Sutton Coldfield are deeply concerned about the issue of immigration.  read more »

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